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How To Go From $0 To $1,000 A Month
Affiliate Marketing Blueprint eBook Bundle

Are you looking to make money even while sleeping? Are you searching for a legitimate way to make money online?

Then, try Affiliate marketing.

There are thousands of ordinary people who used affiliate marketing to get rich.

I’m also one of them.

If you haven’t tried affiliate marketing yet, you’re missing a lot of money on the table.

Affiliate marketing is the #1 way to earn passive income online.

But here’s the thing: affiliate marketing is NOT easy.

It’s not a cakewalk, especially for beginners.


There’s too much competition out there in almost every niche. Most beginners don’t know how to get their first affiliate sale.

Affiliate marketing is NOT a lottery, and the money you make from affiliate marketing largely depends on the strategies you use… not luck!

Most people don’t even know where to look for the RIGHT information to learn about successful affiliate marketing.

Also, there’s too little information that’s actually helpful for beginners. Most people waste their time and money on affiliate marketing because they don’t know what works.

That’s why I created an ultimate book for beginners on “Affiliate Marketing”.

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint eBook
This eBook helps you with;
2999 INR 999 INR

This book is the result of my 15-year long blogging journey, distilling the lessons I learned on how any beginner can actually make money from affiliate marketing.

If you’re a beginner and struggling to increase your affiliate sales, this book is a treat for you.

Hi, I’m Anil Agarwal

The journey on how I went from zero to earning $10,000+ per month from affiliate marketing

I’m a full-time blogger and founder of Bloggers Passion. I quit my full-time job in 2018 to make a living from the blog you’re currently reading.

I started my first blog on the Blogger platform in 2005 (almost 15 years ago!). Back then, I mostly used ad networks like AdSense to make money from my blogs.

I was also working on some small jobs alongside blogging. In the year 2011, I sold one of my blogs on Flippa for around $35,000.

Here’s a screenshot of that transaction.


In 2010, I launched this blog i.e Bloggers Passion. It took me a couple of years to make a decent income from this blog mostly due to freaky updates from Google.

Now, I earn at an average of $10,000+ per month from this blog and most of that income comes from affiliate marketing.

I’ve been promoting several affiliate products for more than 10 years now and I know how to make more money from affiliate marketing.

Just have a look at my earning report from one of the affiliate products I sell from my blog.

bloggerspassion earning report

As you can see above, I made over $459,000 just by selling one affiliate product.

I promote a ton of other affiliate products as well which helps me generate a decent income from my blog every single month.

The best part is, almost every single penny comes from passive income. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing – you make money even while you sleep.

So if you want to learn all the basics and proven strategies to grow your affiliate sales, my affiliate marketing book can be a great read for you!

What you’ll learn in this book?

Here are some of the things you’ll learn;
This eBook contains FOUR different modules

Here’s a sneak peek of all the 4 modules you’re going to discover inside the book.

Module 1: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

The first module consists of basics, affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid, top affiliate marketing rules you must follow to succeed, and so on.

Module 2: The Amazon Affiliate Module

This module teaches you how you can monetize your website through Amazon Associates. You’ll discover everything from finding a profitable Amazon niche to using ToFu, MoFu, BoFu to boost your Amazon affiliate sales.

Module 3: The Blogging Module

This module teaches you how you can monetize your website or blog through affiliate marketing. You’ll learn everything from finding a profitable niche (and products) to writing product reviews that sell like hotcakes.

Module 4: The YouTube Module

This module teaches you how you can monetize your YouTube channel through affiliate marketing. You’ll find everything from ranking your YouTube videos to making more sales from your YouTube videos.

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Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint eBook Bundle
This eBook helps you with;
2999 INR 999 INR

Wait... That’s Not All!
Here Are a Few More Amazing FREE Bonuses for You (Worth 1000 INR)

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint eBook Bundle
3 insider affiliate marketing secrests3 insider affiliate marketing secrets

Bonus #1: Insider Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Why do few successful marketers generate a ton of affiliate sales while others struggle to generate even one sale? We’ll show you some of the advanced affiliate marketing secrets that 99% of the affiliate marketers don’t know about.

Value: 200 INR
the ultimate affiliate marketing checklist

Bonus #2: The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Checklist

This is a beginner-friendly affiliate marketing checklist that can come in handy while promoting any affiliate product for high profits.

Value: 200 INR
affiliate marketing earning case study

Bonus #3: Affiliate Marketing Case Study

In this affiliate marketing case study, you’ll learn the “The 5-Step System” that generated $250,000+ in affiliate commissions. These tips and techniques discussed in this case study are NOT shared anywhere else.

Value: 300 INR
affiliate program list

Bonus #4: A Massive List of 150+ Handpicked Affiliate Programs for Beginners

This is a MASSIVE list of over 150+ affiliate programs and networks that beginners (or anyone) can join to find great affiliate products and earn huge money even while sleeping.

Value: 300 INR

Recap of EVERYTHING You'll Get

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint eBook Bundle
Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (1999 INR)
Insider Affiliate Marketing Secrets (200 INR)
The ultimate Affiliate Marketing Checklist (200 INR)
Affiliate Marketing Case Study (300 INR)
A Massive List of 150+ Affiliate programs List (300 INR)
2999 INR999 INR
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Kulwant Nagi
Kulwant Nagi

I have seen Anil evolving from an average blogger to a world-class blogger. Anil personally helped me to find SEO errors at which boosted our search engine traffic after a few months. When it comes to affiliate marketing, Anil is the guy who has proven that you can make a lot of money if you promote the right product with the right marketing techniques.

Ankit Singla
Ankit Singla

When I started affiliate marketing almost 5-6 years back, Anil bro helped me understand what mistakes I was doing and why I was not getting enough affiliate sales. And now you’ve the same opportunity to learn Affiliate Marketing from the master. Go grab his ebook and implement the strategies he has suggested. You’ll never regret it.

Sue Dunlevie
Sue Dunlevie

"When Anil was writing Affiliate Marketing Blueprint", I emailed him asking for some affiliate marketing advice .

Now, I'm a pro blogger, and have heard it all - but Anil gave me one tip that doubled my affiliate income the following month. One tip! Can you imagine how much you'll learn when you read the entire book?"

Donna Merrill
Donna Merrill

Excellent review of the many ways to profit from affiliate marketing. Anil has been doing this a long time and really knows his stuff. And with this ebook, anyone can follow the blueprint and start earning their own affiliate commissions. I found this to be a thorough and really valuable resource for both beginners and experienced affiliate marketers.

Fabrizio Van Marciano
Fabrizio Van Marciano

When it comes to learning affiliate marketing, too many gurus claim to know the secrets but are never willing to reveal their methods. Anil’s eBook is no secret, it’s a full-blown power guide on how to do real affiliate marketing the smart way, and become successful at it. There’s no better guy to teach you than Anil. And his book covers everything you need to know whether you’re a beginner or intermediate. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for almost two years, and this is by far the most comprehensive book I’ve ever read on the topic. Grab it, you won’t regret it.

Swadhin Agrawal
Swadhin Agrawal

The keyword research eBook launched some time back, Anil's affiliate marketing eBook also hits the nail on the head. I have gone through the book and I am so happy that he has included almost every strategy that someone who wants to scale their affiliate marketing business or blog income through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate content funnels, creating conversion optimized articles, using email marketing to boost sales, the book's got you covered. He has also touched deeply on using videos for affiliate marketing (something I didn't expect and thought the book would only be about SEO) which is something most newbies aren't leveraging enough.

BloggersPassion and Anil's other projects make him 6-figures and perhaps this makes him the guy you should be listening to. If I were to conclude my review of the affiliate marketing blueprint, I would say this is the book I wish I had when I started.

Who should buy this book?

If you’re a beginner to affiliate marketing, this book is all that you need! 

It’s a comprehensive book that has various modules that include everything from basics to affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid and proven strategies to increase your affiliate sales.

This book is for anyone;
This book is NOT for you;


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Grab Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Before It Gone

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint eBook
This eBook helps you with;
2999 INR 999 INR

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the book. Go through them if you are still thinking about purchasing it.

01 How long does it take to read the whole book?

This is a 300+ page book on affiliate marketing so it will easily take one full day to read the whole book from start to finish. So my suggestion for you is this: “work at your own pace”.

It consists of four different modules. Go through each module one by one at your own pace. There’s no deadline to finish! Always remember action > reading. So go through the book slowly and start implementing the ideas as you learn.

02 I’m new to affiliate marketing. Is this the right book for me?

This book is exclusively written for affiliate marketing beginners. So yes, this book is a great choice for you where you can learn all the basics, rules, mindset, and strategies to implement to increase your affiliate sales starting from zero.

03 What language was this book written in?


Side note: It might seem funny for some people to see this question, but there are a few people who ask me this question all the time.

04 Is this book useful only for bloggers?

No. This book can be helpful for everyone including bloggers, affiliate marketing beginners, YouTubers, and Amazon niche site owners. This book contains different modules.

  • One module is useful for bloggers (who want to sell affiliate products from scratch)

  • One module is exclusively written for YouTubers (who want to make money from affiliate marketing)

  • And another module is for Amazon niche site owners

05 Do I need access to any premium tools?

You should either have a self-hosted WordPress blog or a YouTube channel to start implementing the strategies mentioned inside the book. We also mentioned some premium tools but they are optional to use.

06 What do I do if I need help?

If you need help with anything related to the book, you can email me with the subject line “eBook related help” and I’d be glad to respond to all your queries.

07 What if I'm not happy with the eBook?

If you're not happy with the content inside our eBook, you can ask for a refund within 30 days after the purchase. I'll provide you the full-refund with no questions asked. For refund, you can send an email at


Results may not be typical nor expected for every person. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme and we don’t promote any kind of get-rich-quick programs or schemes. All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for educational purposes only.

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